Manage Your Medical and Surgical Obesity Patients from Anywhere

HealthScript is a patient monitoring platform clinically proven to significantly improve Care Plan & Medication Adherence and provide additional revenue for Practice

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HealthScript/PainScript Appoints Vern Vincent as Obesity Lead

August 15, 2023
Nationally Recognized Lap Band® Executive to Lead Launch ofHealthScript’s Obesity Division

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PainScript™ Will Address CONNECTpreneur Big Idea Summerfest June 8 in McLean

June 5, 2023
PainScript team to discuss their unique data-driven clinical, regulatory, reimbursement and commercialization strategies to advance care plan adherence and medication compliance for chronic care patients in a variety of disease states.
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PainScript™ Revolutionizes Patient Care for Renowned Psychiatrist

May 18, 2023
PainScript announced today its collaboration with Dr. Keerthy Sunder, MD, a distinguished double-board certified psychiatrist and Chief Medical Officer at Karma Doctors & Associates.

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Connecting Physicians & Patients

HealthScript connects physicians with their medical management and bariatric surgical patients daily by tracking medication and care plan adherence through an easy-to-use, clinically-validated app. We provide physicians with detailed patient insight, a HIPAA-compliant clinical dashboard, and tools for medication monitoring.

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FOR Physicians

Healthcare has moved from Analogue to Digital.
Modernize Your Practice.

HealthScript connects physicians with their bariatric medical management and surgery patients daily; by tracking medication and care plan adherence through an easy-to-use, clinically validated platform. We provide physicians with detailed patient insight, a HIPAA-compliant clinical dashboard, and the tools for medication monitoring. HealthScript is intuitive and there is an automatic triage of patients’ responses. Staff members can make efficient decisions whether to escalate patient responses to the appropriate clinicians, reviewing only clinically significant events. This process allows Physicians to enable timely interventions, which reduces healthcare costs and adverse events.


Patients Expect a Digital Experience.
Give Them One. 

The HealthScript platform provides medically necessary support to patients that are under medical management for obesity or preparing for bariatric surgery. Using real-time data and daily digital care, patients are more engaged in their health. This significantly improves treatment plan and medication adherence. Patients view this remote collaboration as a “concierge medicine approach” as it reduces the information and knowledge gap that occurs in between their physical or telemedicine appointments. Patients enjoy the connection and convenience offered to them, by extending care beyond normal hours. PainScript provides better health outcomes around the clock for patient care. 


From Daily Check-Ins to Data Analysis

Our prebuilt clinical platform allows for easy patient enrollment with minimal effort. HealthScript streamlines your practice by providing the automation of daily outreach, the automation of triage responses, and an automation of adherence reporting. It also serves as an early warning system to proactively catch health issues in between patient clinic visits. 

Easy-to-use Mobile App

Put your patients first with a user-friendly app, branded to your practice, that asks key clinically validated questions daily to gauge care plan and medication adherence. Patients receive medication reminders to improve compliance and each daily check-in allows patients to send free text messages to your care team. Each response remains open until it is reviewed and closed by your staff.

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Daily Data Tracking

Access patient data easily through a private, HIPAA-compliant clinical dashboard, allowing your practice to evaluate, intervene, and manage patients’ care. PainScript provides real-time knowledge and data of symptoms, conditions, and patient feedback, which creates a proven value across the care continuum. Gathering and archiving daily patient documentation also allows for an affirmative litigation defense for practice protection. 

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Automate Your Workflow

Proactively manage your patients with the power of PainScript automation to intelligently analyze the answers of your patients and escalate clinical issues. Leveraging Digital Evaluation & Management reduces provider and staff burnout and allows you to treat your patients anywhere at any time. 

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Reimbursement Portal

Maximize your time and billable revenue stream in between patient appointments. There are multiple Digital Evaluation & Management CPT codes that are closely aligned with our technology that allow for reimbursement for patients enrolled and daily monitored in PainScript. 

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How it works

Streamline Your Practice

You assign patients the HealthScript technology through an easy-to-use smartphone app. Every day, the HealthScript platform prompts patients to answer three clinically-validated questions about their current status. Here's how it works:

Your practice invites patients to download the free HIPAA-compliant HealthScript App, white-labeled to be your brand, in the App store.
Every day, the patient app prompts your patients to report on their health status with 3 simple clinically validated questions.
Your practice receives patient data via a secure private Clinical Dashboard.
Your staff can escalate patients for further review who report abnormal clinical results or other feedback.
Completing 16 check-ins per month, and each 20 minutes of review time, each reflect a closely aligned CPT code which may be billed for the Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) of your patient.

The Benefits of the HealthScript Platform

Improve patient health outcomes
Address the treatment gap
Provide Billable benefits
Offer a Concierge medicine approach
Reduce staff and physician burnout
Give patients better care
Protect with an Affirmative litigation defense
Extend care beyond normal hours

Built on the Clinically Proven Med-eXpert System

HealthScript modernizes the proven and award-winning Med-eXpert SaaS system. Built on multidisciplinary, and evidence-based best practices, HealthScript is designed to effectively treat chronic pain and SUD patients.

HealthScript is clinically proven to significantly improve care plan and medication adherence. 

Here at HealthScript we believe in merging the gap between patients and their treating physicians, while providing a billable service to providers. We have a history of remote patient management with 9 clinical trials that have studied a variety of patients with a variety of disease states and a variety of populations. All our studies are peer reviewed and published and were co-funded by the National Institutes of Health and the National Institutes of Mental Health. Our team has deep experience and has been rooted in this field for many years. 

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Better Healthcare Outcomes with a Billable Benefit.
The HealthScript system makes it easy to monitor and evaluate patients’ health between scheduled visits and collect for reimbursement. 


World-Class Leadership

HealthScript is developed and led by an experienced team of healthcare professionals who understand the needs of chronic care physicians and patients.


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People are Talking About HealthScript

"Telehealth is a standard component of obesity medicine as part of the comprehensive multidisciplinary care platform.  Utilizing a simple, automated tool to capture a very brief daily patient check-in will help address the biggest issue in medical and surgical weight management, adherence to a care plan. Adding a simple tool like HealthScript to increase my “touches” improves my patients’ care plan effectiveness."

Caroline Apovian, MD, FACP, FTOS
Boston University


Flip The Script

Listen and learn how the PainScript technology is advancing our relationships between physicians and patients.

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